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Fun Facts


  • There are two types of Alpacas – Huacaya and Suri.

  • Their gestation period is 11.5 months, once the baby is born they are called a “Cria”.

  • The average adult size is 5ft at top of ears and weigh 150-200 lbs.

  • They eat grass hay, grain, and their favorite is fresh grass pastures.

  • They have a three-compartment stomach. They converts grass and hay to energy very efficiently, eating less than other farm animals.

  • Their fiber/wool is hollow making it the most insulated and valuable fiber in the world.

  • They are very intelligent animals, non-aggressive, and a very clean herd animal.

AKC Standard Poodles

If you want a dog who...

  • Has a short curly coat that is virtually non-shedding (the best coated breed for allergy sufferers).

  • Is medium to large, combining sturdiness and athleticism with elegance and grace.

  • Comes in a variety of colors.

  • Is lively and playful.

  • Is one of the most intelligent and loyal family members. 

  • Is easy to train and housebreak.

  • Is usually polite with strangers and sociable with other animals.

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